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Charles Gayle remains a living embody and voice of the great African American tradition; his sincerity and intensity are recognized as unique and absolutely dazzling, live and on a recording. Each concert Gayle is the continuation of the great tradition that can still be called "free." However not in the sense of the "free jazz" some people still speak of. Gayles mastery of that tradition is confirmed on his solo and pianowork. After being invited to Belgium by el NEGOCITO Records, the Italian drummer Giovanni Barcella (Marshall Allen, Arthur Doyle, Bobby Few, J.J. Avenel) organized three tours through Italy and Belgium, with the Italian contrabassiste Manolo Cabras. The meeting of minds was immediate, they decided to release a cd end of 2016. The musical coesion and respect of the three musicians will be undoubtedly another great meeting for the label.

Charles Gayle reste une des voix vivant de la grand tradition afro-américaine ; sa sincérité et son intensité sont reconnu comme uniques et absolument éblouissant, live et sur recording. Chaque concert de Gayle est la continuation de la grand tradition que on peut encore appeler " free ". Et certainement pas dans le sens de certains qui encore parlent de " free jazz ". Gayle maîtrise la tradition et ses cd solo en piano aussi le confirment. Après avoir été invité en Belgique par el NEGOCITO Records, le batteur italien Barcella Giovanni (Marshall Allen, Arthur Doyle, Bobby Few, J.J. Avenel) organise trois tournée, en Italie et Belgique, avec le contrabassiste italien Manolo Cabras. La rencontre des esprit est immédiate, ils décident de sortir un cd fin 2016. La coesion musicale et le respect des trois musiciens est sans doute une de grand rencontre pour la label.


Charles Gayle (US) *1; Saxophones & Piano
(Cecil Taylor, Sunny Murray, William Parker, Rashied Ali, Buell Neidlinge, The Blue Humans, Sirone Bang Ensemble, Rollins Band, ...)

Giovani Barcella (IT) *2; Selected Drums and Cymbals
(Jeroen Van Herzeele 4tet, Yelemani Trio, Moker & in different formations with Marshall Allen, Arthur Doyle, Bobby Few, J.J. Avenel)

Manolo Cabras (IT) *3; Double Bass
(Toots Thielemans Quartet, Ben Sluijs 4tet, Manuel Hermia Trio, Chris Joris 4tet, Frederik Desmyter 4tet ft. John Ruocco, Alexandra Grimal 4tet, Eve Bouvens Heptatomic and Erik Vermeulen Trio and sideman of Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Roswell Rud, Marshal Allen, Maria Pia De Vito, Marc Murphy, Eric Vloeimans, Jasper Blom, Jesse van Ruller,...)



photo by Dries Verstraete


*1 Hyperlink: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Gayle
*2 Hyperlink: http://www.muziekcentrum.be/identity.php?ID=135633
*3 Hyperlink: http://manolocabras.com


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"What a treasure he has been for this music, and how wonderful it is that he is still going strong." Troy Dostert, freejazzblog

"They'd stop to hear a song, but I'm not playing songs. What I hear is the traffic. Everybody in New York hears it, but it's really vivid in my head. Horns and children and birds, too – I hear them so clearly, they hit me so hard. The subway roar, the jackhammers. Not that they're so loud but they stay there. The trucks and the sirens and the screeching and the hollering and the brakes, all that jagged movement, the Arggghhhh!" Jean Claude Charles Gayle (US) about him playing on the strees of NY



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