Sal La Rocca - double bass
Pascal Mohy - piano, wurlitzer
Jeroen Van Herzeele - saxophones
Lieven Venken - drums
Phil Abraham plays on 6 & 7 - trombone

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Daniel Léon in december 2017 at Igloo Studio
Production: Jacek & Rogé
Pictures: Mael Lagadec
Graphic Design: Simon Defosse

Available on cd
release ... 2018


This new quartet is a particularly tight encounter between Jeroen, Pascal and Lieven, musicians that i have enjoyed for a long time because of their sincerity as both people and in their music. The album expresses an opening towards a new sound by choosing to associate the wurlitzer and piano, coupled with Jeroen's sax. This gives it an unexpected dimension. This formula leads to instinctive music that leaves room for musical interactivity that is free and natural.

L'album exprime une ouverture vers un nouveau son, dans le choix d'associer le wurlitzer et le piano qui, conjugué au sax de Jeroen, lui donnent une dimension inattendue. Cette formule engendre une musique instinctive qui laisse place à plus d'interactivité musicale, libre et naturelle.




"... ." ..., .. (../2018)


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1. Shifted
S. La Rocca - 04:18

2. Waiting
L. Venken - 04:39

3. Psalm
J. Van Herzeele - 09:44

4. Wise one
S. La Rocca - 07:02

5. Bicycle
P. Mohy - 06:18

6. Cache-cash
S. La Rocca - 05:11

7. Ragga
S. La Rocca - 06:10

8. Syndrome
C. Bley - 06:18

9. Last Kiss
S. La Rocca - 03:43

total time - ..:..
eNR080 2017