Audrey Lauro - alto saxophone, préparations, tape recorders and composition

Recording: at at la Chapelle du Grand Hospice, Brussels, on April 6, 2022 by Christophe Albertijn.
Mixing: & Mastering: Christophe Albertijn
Production: Audrey Lauro & Rogé for el NEGOCITO Records
Art work :  André Lauro, courtesy of the artist 
Photograph: Laurent Orseau


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Audrey Lauro is a French alto saxophonist with a wealth of experience in the Belgian experimental music scene, devoting her energies particularly to improvisation, constantly questioning the language of instrument, phrase and sonic event.

Embracing her motto «From phrase to sonic event through all kinds of atoms and particles» Audrey Lauro demonstrates a carefully thought of usage of sonic vocabulary and subtle mindset, and portrays why she is an in demand improvisor on the jazz and contemporary music scene, not only in Belgium.




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1. Sous un ciel d'écailles
Audrey Lauro - 03:50

2. Echappee du dome
Audrey Lauro - 02:23

3. Lamellar
Audrey Lauro - 04:05

4. Dome Speaker
Audrey Lauro - 03:02

5. Lamellar (2)
Audrey Lauro - 02:03

6. Echappee du dome (2)
Audrey Lauro - 04:07

7. Sous un ciel d'écailles (2)
Audrey Lauro - 04:47

total time - 24:26
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