Seppe Gebruers - two grand pianos, tuned a quarter tone apart
Hugo Antunes - prepared and unprepared double bass
Paul Lovens - drumset with cymbals and gongs

Recording & Mixing: Ted Masseurs
Mastering: Gert Van Hoof
Record Production & Cover Design: Seppe Gebruers and Paul Lovens
Label Production: el NEGOCITO Records
    in collaboration with Po Torch Records and troika vzw
Photography: Dries Segers
Liner Notes: Paul Lovens
Lay Out: Davy De Clercq

copyright by Seppe Gebruers (Sabam), Paul Lovens (Gema) and Hugo Antunes (Spa) uses markbass.

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release 23/11/2018


This exquisite trio featuring Seppe Gebruers on pianos, Hugo Antunes on double bass and Paul Lovens on percussion, gathers three generations of European improvisers exploring microtonal music. Confronting the tuning in western world music orthodoxy using two pianos tuned in different pitch, our group is far from being traditional. Exploring quarter tones increases the trio musical palette and creates new paths into improvisation witch translates into a unique experience for the audience.

There is a German proverb: "Space is (even) in the smallest hut". And the inimitable Tomas Schmit realised, also "Time is in the smallest hut" Rooms have a central and mysterious part in many manifestations of human imagination. This ranges from Andrej Tarkovskij's film "Stalker" to a song by the Beach Boys. A room is shape and size, and light, colours, acoustics, smell, temperature, humidity, etc. And all this affects everyone and everything in it - being noticed or not. Some rooms have special characteristics; can create what we call a certain "spirit". There are rooms that invite you to seek shelter whereas...

five unedited free improvisations



"... ." ..., .. (../2018)


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1. Room 1
S. Gebruers / H. Antunes / P. Lovens - 06:32

2. Room 6/7
S. Gebruers / H. Antunes / P. Lovens - 12:11

3. Room 3
S. Gebruers / H. Antunes / P. Lovens - 11:45

4. Room 5b
S. Gebruers / H. Antunes / P. Lovens - 04:10

5. Room 2
S. Gebruers / H. Antunes / P. Lovens - 09:02

total time - ..:..
eNR084 2018