Viktor Tóth - alto saxophone, flute, keys
Bart Maris - trumpet
Simple One - spoken word, rap
Mátyás Szandai - double bass
Dávid Hodek - drums
Hamid Drake - drums, frame drums (on tracks 6, 11, 12)

Live recordings at Lamantin Jazz Festival and Mu Theater Budapest in 2015
Mixing: László Válik, LV Sound Budapest
Mastering: Gert Van Hoof, Cochlea Studio
Production: Rogé Verstraete & Viktor Tóth
Cover: Dániel Miklós
DTP: Eszter Kónya

Available on CD
release 14 december 2018

A CD megjelenését a Nemzeti Kulturális Alap támogatta / The release of the CD was supported by the Hungarian National Cultural Fund


Viktor Tóth (born 19 May 1977), alto saxophonist, composer and orchestra leader - awarded Jazz Musician of the Year several times - is releasing his 7th album. As one of the top figures of the young generation of the contemporary Hungarian jazz scene, his performance signature is bridging musical styles, improvisation-centred, "soaring" and filled with spirituality.

The saxophonist compiled the material from three exhilirating concerts, which he has recorded over recent years with his Mahasimadavi Players', international musicians; the American master Hamid Drake (drums), Bart Maris from Belgium (trumpet), the German Afro rapper Simple One, Mátyás Szandai from Paris (bass) and the outstanding fresh talent David Dodek (drums). The music is modern, twisted and transcendental. Viktor wrote the music specially for these great artists, for whom the music becomes free from the first instant with flowing momentu, and an astonishing creative power.




"La musique est très actuelle, les thèmes abordés aussi : ce disque ne relève pas du plagiat mais revendique bien un héritage à travers sa création. Et ça le rend indispensable." Raphaël Benoit, Citizenjazz France (15/09/2019)

"Tóth Viktorra muszáj figyelni, mert mindig értékeset, maradandót alkot! Így tett -fantasztikus társai segítségével- a "LAMU" kapcsán is. Nyissuk meg szívünket-lelkünket, és tartsunk Velük!" Gáspár Károly, JazzMa Hungary (10/03/2019)


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1. Rabbits' Race
V. Tóth - 01:38

2. Melone Song
V. Tóth - 03:36

3. Rocky
V. Tóth - 04:53

4. D run
V. Tóth - 04:21

5. and more (Yes You Can)
V. Tóth - 06:13

6. D&Ae
V. Tóth - 08:33

7. Afro Kutir
V. Tóth - 05:19

8. Triumph Song
V. Tóth - 02:38

9. Popzene / Intro
V. Tóth - 03:27

10. Popzene
V. Tóth - 04:35

11. Ablak
V. Tóth - 04:18

12. Jam / Do my thing
V. Tóth - 04:44



total time - ..:..
eNR090 © 2018

all compositions by Viktor Tóth
all lyrics by Simple One






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