Jan Klare - alto saxophone & flute
Bart Maris - trumpet
Wilbert De Joode - bass
Michael Vatcher - drums & percussion
Eugene Chadbourne - guitar & banjo

Recording: Wolfgang Bökelmann at Reveirton Studio, Herne on April 24, 2014
Mixing & Mastering: Wolfgang Bökelmann and Jan Klare
Production: Jan Klare and el NEGOCITO Records
Drawings & Graphics: Bart Maris
Lay-out: Mario Debaene

Available on cd

Since the early 70´s Eugene Chadbourne (Doc Chad) has been an icon of improvised guitar- and banjo playing, John Zorn calls upon him as a point of reference. He has composed a series of songs called "Butterfly Songs", which are the core of this project. Internationally acclaimed quartett "1000" has been around for 10 years and has basically achieved everything, a modern "jazzband" can do in Europe. 3 well reputated CD´s on famous labels such as Leo Records, concerts in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, excellent reviews worldwide.

"1000 is/are a consistently interesting quartet that keep evolving and getting better with each release." Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery


"Ein avantgardistisch-jazziger Hörgenuss der Sonderklasse" Jenny Kracht **** (2015)

"The Silvery Blue unfurls its proboscis and strikes nectar. Sorry, couldn't resist." Hugo Truyens, Freejazzblog.org, ***1/2 (02/03/2015)

"Kleurrijk, nonchalant virtuoos en voorzien van een forse scheut humor." Guy Peeters, Cobra.be (03/10/2014)


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1. Mexican Yellow
E. Chadbourne - 04:16

2. Paris Swallowtail
E. Chadbourne - 07:34

3. Californian Dogface
E. Chadbourne - 03:58

4. Long Dash Skipper
E. Chadbourne - 05:57

5. Regal Fritter
E. Chadbourne - 06:28

6. Silvery Blue
E. Chadbourne - 06:09

7. Buckeye
E. Chadbourne - 02:45

8. Clodius Parnassius
E. Chadbourne - 06:08

Total Time 43:22
eNR 2014