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Stan Maris - accordion
Andreas Bral - piano & harmonium
Viktor Perdieus - saxophones

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Christophe Albertijn
Production: Ocean Eddie & Rogé for el NEGOCITO Records
Artwork: Soetkin Bral

Available on CD & Vinyl
release August 26, Summer Bummer Festival Antwerp, Belgium, 2022


When circular currents coexist within larger ocean movements, they are sometimes referred to as eddies. Equal bodies competing for limited space and impact.

The overlapping functions and timbres of this chamber ensemble line-up evoke a similar phenomenon. Usually every player can play every part, which leads to improvisations in which orchestration is central. Modular compositions and pieces that start from a central motif are the starting points. From here, the redistribution of impulse, sound and silence begins again and again. This creates an interaction that can be both playful, tireless and slightly competitive.




"Herlig!" Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen Nyheter Norway (08/01/2023)

"Les tourbillons d’un océan musical." Jean-Claude Vantroyen, Le Soir (28/12/2022) ***

"Some of these pieces are quite short yet each one evokes a different mood or sonic scene in our collective minds. I am also reminded of the ever-charming music of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, certainly this is a good thing to savor." Bruce Lee Gallanter, the Downtown Music Gallery NY (26/12/2022)

"Drie improviserende poëten die rond schuifelen in een decor ontworpen door Paul van Ostaijen. Uitgebracht in digisleeve met artwork van Soetkin Bral. Past evenzeer in de catalogus van een label als INTAKT. Ook voor fans van Gavin Bryars zijn werelden." Georges Tonla Briquet, Jazz Halo (14/11/2022)

"L’ excellente coordination du trio et leur inspiration collective crée une belle musique populaire qui si elle doit sembler relativement familière au commun des mortels peu au fait de « l’avant-garde », leur musique les emmène irrésistiblement dans un beau voyage entre vagues, embruns, nuages, brises, alizés, îles inconnues et l’horizon toujours repoussé. Remarquable !" Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, 0rynx Improvandsounds Blogspot (22/10/2022)

"The combination of piano/harmonium, accordion and saxophone is something rare. Because the instruments partly overlap in register and timbre, the balance within the trio is very fragile. But in the masterful hands of Andreas Bral (piano), Stan Maris (accordion) and Viktor Perdieus (tenor and soprano sax), that fragile balance is turned into something magical." Sound in Motion (26/09/2022)


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1. Ochre
S. Maris / A. Bral / V. Perdieus - 6:55

2. Isme
V. Perdieus - 2:34

3. Spirit Plumbing
A. Bral - 6:38

4. Skruj
S. Maris / A. Bral / V. Perdieus - 1:44

5. Gioite
A. Bral - 3:52

6. Cluj
S. Maris / A. Bral / V. Perdieus - 1:00

7. Ask
A. Bral - 4:48

8. Molanopedie 3
S. Maris - 8:58

9. The End
S. Maris - 3:17

10. Kelleriis
A. Bral - 2:43

11. Eddieisme
V. Perdieus - 1:49


total time - 43:19
eNR106 © 2022








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