Artan Buleshkaj - baritone guitar & compositions
Rob Banken - alto saxophone & clarinet
Steven Delannoye - tenor saxophone & bass clarinet
Matthias de Waele - drums

Recording & Mixing: Jonas Everaert at Dunk!Studios, 2020
Mastering: Karel de Backer
Artwork and Layout: Benoit Vangeel

Available on Vinyl and Limited Edition Splattered Vinyl
release April 2, 2021


Anemic Cinema is an instrumental quartet at the junction of (freely) improvised music, contemporary classical and heavy metal. Led by Artan Buleshkaj (baritone guitar, compositions), the quartet features some of Belgium's most adventurous young improvisers: Rob Banken, Steven Delannoye and Matthias de Waele.

The omission of a conventional bass instrument allows other instruments to assume this role (or not). This creates certain compositional/improvisational challenges which in turn bear new, exciting avenues of musical conception.

This all results in a concert experience equal parts visceral, hard-hitting and unpredictable.




"... ." ..., ... (../../2021)


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1. Solenoid Creatures
A. Buleshkaj - 04:08

2. Poète Maudit
A. Buleshkaj - 06:09

3. Lattices
A. Buleshkaj - 05:10


4. Enmity
A. Buleshkaj - 04:27

5. Shrines and Effigies
A. Buleshkaj - 05:05

total time side A - 15:28
total time side B - 09:32
eNR103 © 2021






Limited Edition Splattered Vinyl
only 32 copies still available






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