Edward Capel - Alto & Soprano Saxophone, Alto Clarinet
Bert Palinckx - Double Bass
Jacq Palinckx - Guitar
Bart van Dongen - Piano & Synthesizer
Hans Sparla - Trombone
Jeroen Doomernik - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Pascal Vermeer - Drums (Ludwig Drums & Istanbul Agop Cymbals)

Recording: Bernard Jussen live at Paradox in Tilburg, The Netherlands on Apri, 2018.
Mixing & Mastering: Bernard Jussen, Jacq Palinckx & Pascal at Tafelberg Studio, Tilburg 2018
Producing: Pascal Vermeer
Artwork & Lay-Out: Rik Van Iersel

Available on CD
release 28/11/2018


In Thirteen tracks VLEK switches effortlessly from impro to metal to big band antics - from Western regions to Asian or African - with great ease and a terrific sense of humor.

VLEK are experienced musicians from the Dutch province of Brabant. They relish playing live, musical expeditions into the unknown, and improvisations. VLEK can sound like a big band, a free jazz ensemble, or a rock group. VLEK produces a mesmerizing mix of thundering grooves, psychedelics, blues, and noisy improvisations. Joie de vivre and musical adventurousness are paramount to the seven members of VLEK! Travel along to mysterious worlds with breathtaking vistas. Scale the abyss with VLEK! Or skulk through claustrophobic caves Whatever happens, expect the unexpected.
Fasten your seatbelts!




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1. Grand Hotel
J. Palinckx - 07:34

2. Waiting for John
B. Palinckx - 05:02

3. Waarheid is ook maar een Feit
J. Palinckx - 06:02

4. Bouke's Blues
E. Capel - 05:46

5. Paradise to V.L.E.K.
B. van Dongen - 03:44

6. Impro
J. Palinckx, B. Palinckx, B. van Dongen, P. Vermeer - 03:05

7. Three Tracks in the Desert
B. van Dongen - 08:02

8. Brainwash
E. Capel - 04:39

9. Blue Moonday
E. Capel - 05:05

10. Music on the far side of the moon
J. Doomernik - 12:23

total time - 61:28
eNR057 2018