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About el NEGOCITO Records
Founded in 2009 in Ghent it is the offspring of the club with the same name, works independly and is not limited to the borders of any specific country.
It brings music lose of boundaries with a strong connection to improvisation and strives to give the artist complete creative freedom so that the music you hear will be as they want you to experience it.



Udnie by Giacomo Merega & Camera con Camera
Rema Hasumi / Todd Neufeld / Giacomo Merega

ônaki - konaki by lauroshilau
Audrey Lauro / Yuko Oshima / Pak Yan Lau

Monkey’s meeting by Jordi Grognard Trio
Jordi Grognard / Manolo Cabras / Gaspard Sickx

Music Might Help by Aligaga
Federico Corsini / Jon Sensmeier / Joos Vandueren
Leonard Steigerwald / Daniel Jonkers / Vanesa Diaz Gil
Taejung Kim / Hyung Jin Ee / Chaeyeon Lee