Avant Scena Contemporary music blog (09/08/2019)
"The Alto Sessions is released on el NEGOCITO Records. Album was recorded by Charles Gayle (alto saxophone & piano), Giovani Barcella (selected drums and cymbals) and Manolo Cabras (double bass). Three featured jazz masters are the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene. They mix up their creativity, talent, wide musical knownledge, modern musical language and individual improvising style. Innovative sonoristic experiments, original and extended playing techniques, bright and moving tunes, inspiring, thrilling and driving melodies – each jazz masters had already developped their own and unique way of playing by integrating together all these elements of musical language. The improvisers are dedicated to create something new – their music is full of contrasts, bright tunes, radical or provocative decisions, light and moving excerpts. Musicians are playing and collaborating with other famous jazz stars. All their music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. They had managed to develope and masterfully improve an inspiring and expressive style of improvising by using different jazz styles and streams. Experimental jazz innovations, the basics of avant-garde jazz are gently combined together with the roots of 1960's avant-garde jazz, European and American avant-garde jazz streams and the tunes related to various modern jazz styles. This huge stylistic variety also makes an effort to original and innovative sound.

"The Alto Sessions" is a burst of energy, drive and synthesis of innovations and traditions who get along just fine together. All three jazz masters are showing their masterful virtuosity, creativity, the ability to fuse absolutely contrasting excerpts and driving playing style. All music is completely based on free improvisation, experimental jazz and the newest innovations of it. The musicians don;t forget the main basics of avant-garde jazz – they get back to the roots of 1960's and 1970's jazz and the music of its pioneers. An open form is chosen everywhere – musicians are making incredible collective improvisations with expressive melodies, immediate reponses and fantastic riffs. Musicians are dedicated to create something unheard, new and exciting – remarkable, glamorous and stable melody line isn't their first priority. They choose to synthesize all the fields of musical language – that's why each composition has a driving and expressive melody line, rich musical language, dramatic culminations, dynamic and energetic rhythmic section, gorgeous background which is illustrated by fascinating sonoristic experiments and expansion of technical abilities. The music is contrasting and bright – musicians are fusing together different pieces who have individual style, motion and character. A colorful, expressive and modern instrumental section is made by experimental, specific and extended playing techniques, special effects, strange timbres and some classical playing techniques. Saxophone's and piano's melodies by Charles Gayle are real bursts of energy. Sharp, perturbating and blowing riffs who come to passionate, light and dizzy passages, gorgeous ornaments, silent contemplations, slow and lyrical excerpts or go straight to hot thrills, full blasts, terrific vibrant culminations, impressive melodies, aggressive sharp and frantic blow outs – that's the main elements of saxophone's melodies. It's – energetic, bright, vivid and driving improvisations, which make an effort to energetic, remarkable and simply fantastic melody line. Charles Gayle also is a great pianist. His piano tunes are filled with vivid and light excerpts, expressive and charming melodies, driving solos who are frequently accompagnied by dizzy transcendental passages, strange tunes, special effects and gorgeous ornaments. Perturbating breaking sessions, frantic sequences of disonances and turbulent rhythmic series also are frequently used in his music. The synthesis of these elements finally makes a charming, bright and exclusive sound. Bass tunes by Manolo Cabras are based on sound experiments and innovative ideas. Improviser is showing his huge musical knownledge and expressive musical language. He goes through different moods who are strongly contrasting with each other – from silent, relaxing, dreamy or minimalistic samples music gets thrilling, rapid, dynamic, shrieky, turbulent, vibrant and terrific or calms down to stable and deep bass line, which is kept all the time. Manolo Cabras improvisations have a suggestive, innovative and interesting sound. Drums section by Giovani Barcella is energetic and dynamic. Nervous and complicated bebop, aggressive and moving hard bop, contrasting post bop, stable and relaxing cool, extravagant and constantly changing mainstream rhythms are mixed up to the African and Afroamerican music rhythms, impressive and wild free improvisations, spontaneous solos and stunning sonoristic experiments. Drummer manages to create an impressive rhythmic section – it's bright, dynamic, vivid, perturbating and driving. The music of this album is a great collaboration of three featured jazz masters – it's made with passion, drive and expression."